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Hollybeck Offers

We always try and save you money here at Hollybeck, take a look at some of our money saving offers below.

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To find out if we have a plant currently in stock, please call and ask us on: 0115 9655450.

We have 6 great offers right now!

Primroses From 3 for £3

Bedding plant Primroses to brighten up pots and baskets throughout the year.
For only £3 you can fill your pots with these stunning bedding plants that require only a simple multi-purpose compost with good drainage. £1.25 each. Exclusions apply
Dated : 10/01/2019

Herbaceous Perennials 3 for £7.50

Fill your borders with colour from spring through to winter!
We are proud to shout about our range of perennials; ALL English Grown, strong, healthy and reliable, choose from over 200 varieties! Including some of our favourites: Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Leucanthemum, Aster, Campanula, Hellebore, Aubretia, Foxgloves, Penstemon, Phlox, Bergenia, Gypsophila.
Dated : 28/03/2016

Value Perennials 3 for £7

Some of the more unusual varieties can be seen in our value perennial range
We now stock a range of value perennials including some more unusual or less common ones. Only £2.50 per plant or 3 for £7 you can soon fill those borders for less!
Dated : 04/04/2017

Herbs 3 for £3

Bring the aroma home with our range of garden herbs
We have a small range of herbs at 3 for £3 (£1.25 each) and a larger range at 3 for £7 (£2.50 each).
Dated : 19/02/2016

Alpine Plants 3 for £5

Alpine plants provide great ground cover colour for rockeries and walls
Choose from our selection of alpine plants to create an eye-catching rockery, cascading wall feature or alpine sink. Alpine plants typically thrive in hot spots with poor soils and well-drained soils. If you are creating an alpine area make sure you add grit to provide as much drainage as you can! £1.75 each.
Dated : 19/02/2016

20 pack Pansy

£5.99 per pack
Spruce up your pots, baskets and borders this autumn with our fantastic large Pansy pack!
Dated : 28/08/2017
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